2016 Laptop Program

Please note that while the information here is still current for 2016, there are changes to the program in 2017 - information about these changes can be found on the 2017 Laptop Program page.

Our Directors of Learning and IT each year evaluate options with academic staff and suppliers to determine the type of device program that would best suit our students’ needs. We take into account the rapidly changing learning landscape which requires that educational programs continue to excite and challenge, as well as our experience with specific technologies in current and previous years.  Our deliberations have also considered parent feedback regarding the supply of student devices.

The key aspects of the supply of devices for 2016:

  • Early Learning Centre will continue to offer access to iPads and desktops as per their existing program.
  • Reception to Year 6 students will have access to devices in the classroom and specialist computer suites at no additional charge.
  • Year 7 students will have one-to-one access to classroom sets of devices for use at School only, which will incur a minimal annual charge of $100 to be included in the core costs of the 2016 School Fees schedule.
  • Years 8 students will be provided with the School’s new preferred device on a ‘Rent to Own’ arrangement of $466 a year for three years, to include full IT software and general usage support. Students will own this device at the end of three years, with a total cost of $1,398 having been paid.
  • Year 9 and 10 students will continue to use their existing laptops, including a full level of support and software.
  • Years 11 and 12 students will have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) arrangement, using the device previously supplied through the Federal Government’s DER funding or another suitable laptop device of their own choosing (which may include the School’s new preferred device). Software continues to be available for DER machines but free access may be limited for other BYODs. The School will determine to what level assistance can be provided under existing software licensing agreements. The level of School support and warranty available will also depend on whether the device is a DER, preferred School device or personal supply.
  • Core costs and consumables related to IT for all year levels will continue to be covered as part of the annual core costs component of the School Fees schedule. The ‘Rent to Own’ annual cost will be itemised on the fee schedule for the relevant year levels.

The School’s current preferred device is the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. We believe this is an excellent choice for its flexibility in changing from a laptop to a tablet, for its durability and highly competitive price. Staff and students have responded positively to the capabilities of the preferred device, which will be fully supported, imaged and maintained by Westminster’s IT department with all software and warranties managed by the School.

New students entering Years 10, 11 or 12 in 2015 are invited to consider the new device as an option, as an outright purchase or possibly an appropriately modified ‘Rent to Own’ arrangement. We recommend families discuss this with the School.

Once a device agreement is entered it will remain firm for a maximum of three years. As technology and learning programs change, we will be undertaking an annual review to ensure the School’s preferred device is always the best option available to enhance student learning outcomes and to meet family expectations.

This outcome has been the result of much research and discussion around the best way forward to address the importance of technology in learning. If you have queries in relation to the device program please direct these in the first instance to:

  • Director of IT Simon Smith, T: 08 8276 0324, or Email for device or technical aspects of the program;
  • Director of Learning Andrea Sherwood, T: 08 8276 0205, or Email for learning aspects of the program.

Please click the links below to download documents regarding the Student Laptop Program