South Australian Interschool Drone Championships

Breathing fire into the inmagination of our youth


Thank you for your enquiry about our proposed Indoor Interschool Drone Competition.

We have appreciated your great feedback and interest. However, with drones being a relatively new phenomenon, it became clear that the majority of schools are not resourced with equipment, clubs or teams (unlike most traditional sports).

To make it easier for competitors, we agreed with our sponsors ADAcq (Airborne Data Acquisition) to provide all of the competition drones, the model selected being the Parrot Mambo. They are very easy to fly, and it was our desire to make the competition as enjoyable as possible.

However, it also hampered a few schools from entering the competition:


  • Some schools wanted to use their own drones, which would have meant there were liability issues to be considered (we could counter these by supplying the drones).
  • Some schools thought they had to buy their own Mambos (while easy to fly, they are not particularly cheap).

For the benefit of all, we have decided to defer the event until April 2019 (date to be confirmed) to give more schools the opportunity to participate. Between now and then, we will work with all interested parties to ensure we put on the best show possible.


We have already secured the Westminster Sports and Swimming Centre’s main sports hall, with a space of approx, 10,000m3. This will provide a fantastic space to make it special for both spectators and competitors (this venue was not available in July this year due to bookings).

In addition to a great venue, we have secured a generous sponsorship from ADAcq, enabling us to offer prize money and other rewards to the successful schools and individuals.


You can still register your interest for 2019, which will allow us to be in touch in the near future when we begin the consultative approach for next year’s event.

For further information contact Michelle Payne, E: