New Staff

Next term we welcome three new staff members to the Preparatory School. Mrs Melanie Madsen and Ms Victoria Papas who will take the Transition classes, and Ms Jess Sullivan who will replace Katrina Stacey who will be taking maternity leave to have her first child.

Melanie has worked across many schools in Adelaide, most recently in the Adelaide Hills.  Victoria’s experience is across the Education Department and Catholic systems. She will make a very positive team with Melanie as they collaborate to assist the Transition classes feel part of the Junior Primary. Jess has had wide experience in the workplace before focusing on a career in education; she has experience across a range of Education Department and independent schools and will ensure a seamless handover in Year 1.

Junior Orator

Westminster Preparatory School hosted 17 young public speakers as they attempted to impress a panel of judges with their skills at the IPSHA Junior Orator semi-finals. Year 7 students, Taylor Daniel (Wyvern), Mattias McCarthy (Wyvern) and Ioanna Vaughan-Jones (Crown) represented Westminster magnificently as they demonstrated the ability to engage with the spoken word at both the intellectual and emotional levels. In addition to this, some of our Year 7 students hosted the evening by being comperes, timekeepers and assistants. This was pleasing, as the event was totally student led. Thanks must go to the Year 7 staff who prepared the students for this occasion. After listening to all the speeches the judges awarded Taylor and Mattias equal first place, an outstanding achievement. They will compete in the final in August.


At the end of this semester, the students will bring home their reports. This will give an account of your child’s progress to date.

At Westminster all of our programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and we work towards common achievement standards within this curriculum. Your child has been assessed against these Achievement Standards. Australian Curriculum achievement standards describe the expected achievement for students as a result of being taught the curriculum for the entire year. Therefore, when student achievement is reported mid–year, students will be making progress towards the expected achievement standard. 

All grades directly align to where your child sits in relation to the Achievement Standards. Last year, traditional grades were replaced with worded equivalents which more accurately pinpoint where each students sits in relation to these standards. Alongside this, staff have also aligned their assessment to link with important Learning Dispositions. These Learning Dispositions are characteristics we believe are vital for students to develop as they move through the Preparatory School. They are characteristics that help to build our students into successful, lifelong learners.

At Westminster we believe that academics is just part of the development that takes place over the child’s schooling. Children are working on building new relationships, resilience to cope with knock backs, developing a sense of self and many other aspects of growth. Once your child is confident in these areas they will be more able to move forward in their learning journey.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress or you just want to have a general discussion about your child, you do not have to wait until you receive a written report. Teachers are always available and happy to discuss any queries you may have.


This week I asked the students to make sure they paid close attention to the standard of their uniform.  When students are in formal uniform they need to have their tie done up smartly with their top button done up. Blazers must be worn to and from school and must be the outer garment.

When the students are in PE uniform they need to wear their green sports top or House top with the PE jacket if they are cold. Year 7 students may wear their Year 7 jumper.

I also clarified the rules around the ‘new’ Westminster School co-curricular hoodie. The co-curricular hoodie is not part of the day uniform and is not to be worn as part of the PE uniform. The hoodie is only to be worn for co-curricular activities at practice and games. It is not to be worn during the day at school.

Sporting Exchange

Last week, many of our Year 6 students took the opportunity to engage with students from other schools in a friendly competition. Scotch College hosted a round robin sports competition in hockey, soccer, basketball, and netball. Schools involved were St John’s Grammar, Scotch, Westminster and from New Zealand, Kristin School.

The events were very well organised, the students enjoyed both the competition and the chance to build connections with others.

We were successful in the basketball competition, claiming first place and remaining undefeated. Our netball team won two of their three games to finish second. Our soccer and hockey teams competed bravely against very good opposition.

It was an excellent experience and one that we hope we can continue to be involved with moving forward.

Please watch your speed

We are incredibly fortunate to have access to our campus as easily as we do. Cars move in and about the School grounds with relative ease. Unfortunately, some of the people driving in the School are not doing so with regard to the 10km/hour speed limit. The result of not paying attention to your speed when driving on campus could be disastrous. No one would want to be the cause of an accident or a fatality when the speed with which you drive is controllable. We urge those driving within the School grounds to be vigilant of the speed they are travelling, and for students stepping out or crossing roadways.

Diary Dates

  • Life Education sessions – Monday 19 to Thursday 29 June
  • ELC Graduation – Friday 23 June
  • Year 6/7 Musical –  Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28, and Thursday 29 June
  • End of Term 2 – Friday 30 June at 1.00pm

Stuart Burns
Acting Head of Preparatory School