Important Dates for Term 3

University Open Days

I highly recommend students go on campus and experience the atmosphere on these days.

Tertiary Admissions

All tertiary admissions centres are now open and on line – the closing date is Friday 29 September, except VTAC which is Thursday 28 September.



TISC (WA)   Tasmania:

TAC processing fees vary from State to State, but it is $35 in SA if paid before Friday 29 September. After this date the fee increases to $165. Interstate costs are similar. Once a TAC application has been submitted, preferences can still be changed. Students have until Monday 4 December to add or subtract courses, with the exception of Creative Arts (Drama) at Flinders, and for Medicine/Surgery, Dental Surgery, Oral Health, and Veterinary Bioscience which close Friday 29 September. These courses cannot be added after this date. After Friday 4 December students will not be given equal consideration if they try to add in some courses. Preferences can be reordered up to Wednesday 3 January.

Invitations for medicine interviews will go out Thursday 26 October. This will be the only round, no other invitations will be issued.

ATAR results will be available in the week prior to Christmas. The main round of offers will be emailed by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 16 January. There will be a very few offers emailed after this date.

Alternative Entry


Offered by Flinders, this is an online test administered at Westminster by myself. Potential Flinders Graduates are accepted either on ATAR or 60% ATAR/40% UniTest whichever is highest


Alternative entry to Universities in Australia if student is 18 years of age by Thursday 1 February 2018. You can apply for this through SATAC, at a cost of $175.

I am very happy to answer any questions, either via Email, or T 08 8276 0354.

Jenny Howland
Careers Counsellor