Music Night 2017 - Hunky Dory

18 August 2017, 7.30 pm, MMC

Westminster School Senior Ensembles with special guest musicians Ross Irwin, Nick Mulder, Adam Page, Julian Ferraretto, and Emma Pask, and Old Scholars Yen Yen Daly (nee Stender) (’11) and Jack Degenhart (‘12)

Westminster’s annual Music Night will take place on Friday 18 August 2017 starting at 7.30 pm in the Michael Murray Centre. Our Senior Ensembles have had another wonderful year with success at Generations in Jazz at Mt Gambier (Big Band 1 placing 2nd nationally), and some outstanding concerts including Bandstand, Sing Sing Sing, and the Westminster Jazz Night at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.

This year we are very pleased to host Ross Irwin (Trumpet - Cat Empire, Bamboos), Nick Mulder (Trombone), Adam Page (Saxophone, loops), Julian Ferraretto (Violin) and Emma Pask (Voice) who will perform and collaborate with our students.

All five musicians have spent the week at Westminster working with a number of ensembles across the whole school. The evening will include over 150 senior students in a variety of ensembles.

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Tickets are still available, and it is shaping up to be a wonderful concert.

To reserve your tickets please contact Donna Dunbar in the Music Office on T 08 8276 0236 or via Email.

You can also reserve tickets by going to


The Front Entrance of the school never looked so good!







Rehearsing for the Grand Finale…120 students who make up our Senior Vocal Ensemble and the year 6/6 choir (Vox Pops)-should be Epic!


ABODA SA Band Festival 2017

Westminster School Music Department is once again hosting the South Australian Band Festival. Performances will be held over three days in the Michael Murray Centre from Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 August 2017. Parents, friends, and families are very welcome to come along and support the nine Westminster ensembles that are taking part in the festival.  Times for the Westminster ensembles competing in the festival are as follows:

Wednesday 23 August (Percussion Ensemble, Junior String Ensemble, Senior String Ensemble, Senior Orchestra)

Percussion Ensemble

10.30 am  Percussion Ensemble Perform

Preparatory School String Ensemble (Years 5, 6, and 7)

3.00 pm  Prep Strings perform

Senior String Ensemble

4.00 pm  Strings perform

Senior Orchestra

9.00 pm  Orchestra Perform

Thursday 24 August (Senior Concert Band)

Senior Concert Band

11.45 am  Senior Concert Band perform

Friday 25 August Section 2 (Junior Concert Band/Big Bands)

Preparatory School Concert Band

9.00 am  Prep Concert Band perform

Big Band 3

12.15 pm  Big Band 3 perform

Big Band 2

5.30 pm   Big Band 2 perform

Big Band 1

9.30 pm   Big Band 1 perform

Flute Eisteddfod

Congratulations to  Elly McCauley (Year 12 Jeffries), Abigail Wicks (Year 10 Clark), and Emily Nolis (Year 9 Clark) who were the winners of the 2017 Adelaide Flute Eisteddfod. Emily also came second in the solo section.

From the Drama Department

Theatre Sports

Theatre Sports is an ongoing co-curricular activity, open to all students interested in extending their improvisation and comedy skills.

Essentially, Theatre Sports is a series of improvisation techniques practiced and performed within very specific guidelines, ‘games’ from which shows like ‘Thank God You’re Here!’ and “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?’ are derived.

Practice sessions focus on mastering specific games with a view to performing them in front of an audience to great comic effect.

Under the very capable guidance of Old Scholar, Matthew Ahearn ('12), twenty-six students from Years 8 to 12, in teams of four and five, recently pitted their wit, improvisational skills, and comic inventiveness against each other in our inaugural Theatre Sports competition, for the simple glory of being crowned the winning team.

With a skill level such as games like ‘Pocket Line’ wherein the players are given a number of lines, unseen, to place in their pocket, which requires quick thinking, great skill and timing, were played with ease, much to the delight of the audience in tears of laughter. The competitors capably showcased the skills they have been refining with Matt for most of Term 2.

I encourage students to get involved with this great co-curricular activity, as it is simply a great way to unwind with friends, have a bit of fun, and laugh in a way students usually can’t in class!

John Doherty
Head of Drama

Stage 1 Drama Rehearsal Retreat

Stage 1 Drama students participated in a four day rehearsal retreat at Adare Camp and Conference Centre grounds, Victor Harbour, commencing Saturday 5 August, in preparation for their performance of 'Waiting', written by Head of Drama, John Doherty.

Using flashback techniques, this fascinating play follows the lives of various characters from different eras who are “waiting” in limbo, desperate to piece together memories from their life, to find their way to become unstuck. The text challenges students to seamlessly transition through a range of historical settings, with many playing numerous roles.

During the retreat, the students worked tirelessly on differentiating their characters, by drawing on well-established methods of acting including Stanislavski, Archetypes, Laban, Ann Bogart’s Viewpoints, and Linklater voice work.

Students participated in workshop-based learning conducted by their Drama teachers John Doherty and myself, and a recent pre-service teacher, Jacqueline Cook, to extend their existing skills sets. These engaging practical workshop activities led students to create their characters’ inner life, and motivation toward creating realistic psychological performances.

The class also worked on ways to physicalize and vocalize their character’s intentions through the stimulating work of layering Archetypes, Laban “inner attitudes” and Linklater “resonator voice” work.

Using this “tool box” of acting techniques, students made remarkable discoveries about their character’s inner and outer life and applied their knowledge confidently to the text.

Director, John Doherty expertly non-directionally blocked the whole play, initially using Bogart’s Viewpoint techniques, which allowed students to organically move and interact in accordance to their character’s motivation. Students completed the retreat with a clear shape of the entire performance and distinct characterisations.

It was impressive to watch the transformation of this class into a strong confident ensemble of performers, who have attained a profound understanding of their acting craft.

We look forward to the Stage 1 performance of 'Waiting' by John Doherty at the MMC on Tuesday 5, Wednesday 6, and Thursday 7 September.

Bec Hassam
Drama Teacher

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Michael Degenhart
Head of Performing Arts