​Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Kaine Baldwin (Year 9 Forder) competed in the week-long U15 National “Schools” AFL Championship carnival in Perth. South Australia made it to the Grand Final however were defeated by a strong Victorian side and subsequently took home a silver medal. At a personal level, Kaine played well enough across the five games of the carnival to be selected in the “All Australian” side. This makes Kaine on of the best 25 footballers in the country under the age of 15.

Olivia Buchanan (Year 8 Dunstan) has been invited to join the Equestrian S.A. Interschool team to represent South Australia at the Interschool National competition in Toowoomba in September. It's an annual National competition for suitably qualified riders. Olivia's family wishes to thank Ms Karen Horsell for all of her help in making this possible for Olivia this year.

MASA Quiz Night

Last week the Mathematics Association of South Australia ran the annual quiz night, Westminster had nine teams competing, three senior and six junior teams. One of the junior teams containing, Amy Liew (Year 9 Fereday), Alex Lake (Year 9 Jeffries), Loci Skinner (Year 10 Clark) and Luke Charlton (Year 10 Forder) took out the top prize for the Mathematics section of the Junior competition. Our Senior boys team   Most of the Senior boys competing in this evernt have competed each year since they were in Year 8 - a great commitment to Maths. Congratulations to these students and well done to all the students who participated in this event.

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Interschool Cross Country

Charlotte Derbyshire (Year 11 Fereday) won a Gold Medal in the Under 16 Girls 4km.

Charlotte Derbyshire (Year 11 Fereday), Heidi Collins (Year 11 Forder), Millie Young (Year 11 Woollacott), and Mia Helyer (Year 10 Forder) won a Bronze Medal in the Under 16 Girls 4km Team.

Individual Results

Year 11/12 Boys

3rd Place: Ben Karnon (Year 12 Clark)
2nd Place: Alex Reardon (Year 12 Forder)
1st Place: Casey Buchanan (Year 11 Kelly)

Year 11/12 Girls

3rd Place: Tayla Wilsdon (Year 12 Heaslip)
2nd Place: Sankkirtana Sellvakumaran (Year 12 Jeffries)
1st Place: Charlotte Derbyshire (Year 11 Fereday)

Co-curricular Captains

Congratulations to Rosie Williamson (Year 12 Dunstan) and Lily Drummond (Year 12 Carter), our new Athletics Co-Captains.

Charles Hargrave Student Enterprise Awards

The Charles Hargrave Student Enterprise Awards program started in 2009 and is managed by the Westminster School Foundation. These awards give Westminster students in Years 10 or 11 the opportunity to pursue a passion or personal interest by providing funding for them to undertake a project of their own initiative. Up to $8,000 in grant funding is available each year and may be granted to one or more students. The awards were established thanks to a generous donation by past grandparent and successful business leader, Charles Hargrave. Mr Hargrave, who died in 2013, believed very strongly in giving young people the freedom to explore and develop a wide range of interests in life. Since 2009, these unique Awards have funded many diverse projects including sheep shearing courses, providing advanced musical composition software and developing cricket umpiring skills.

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded the Charles Hargrave Student Enterprise Award for 2017:

  • Elliott Brown (Year 10 Fereday) - To assist with costs to attend a professional Barista Course in Melbourne to further develop skills for a career within the Hospitality Industry
  • Bella Marchesan (Year 10 Forder) - Purchase a Computer and software to create a Video Game and further develop knowledge and skills to create high quality electronic animation and art or video games
  • Daniel Cropley (Year 11 Clark) - Purchase music software and equipment to further develop skills as a Musician
  • Matthew Li (Year 11 Carter) - To undertake Music Theory classes and purchase electronic recording equipment to develop skills in  Music Production
  • Kyle Chenoweth (Year 11 Jeffries) - To undertake a basic and an advanced online Jazz improvisation course from Berklee College, Boston to further develop skills as a Musician

Art Students Exhibit at the Balco Art Prize

As part of the SALA Festival, a number of Westminster School students exhibited work in the Balco Art Prize. Judged by internationally acclaimed South Australian artist Marie Jonsson-Harrison, our students performed very well and took out a number of awards. 

Alex Lam (Year 11 Fereday) and Minh Nguyen (Year 10 Clark) tied for first place in the Senior Student Art Prize. They each won $50 cash plus a voucher for $60 worth of art supplies.

Lia Devetzidis (Year 10 Jeffries) received a Highly Commended in the Senior Student Art Prize.

Kate Wildy (Year 11 Dunstan) received a Highly Commended in the Open Still Life Prize

Thomas Kelly (Year 11 Clark) received a Highly Commended in the Open Photographic Prize

Paige Conway (Year 11 Jeffries) received a Highly Commended as an Open Novice Artist

Students who were awarded Certificates of Commendation are:

Samuel Blyzno (Year 9 Jeffries)
Bianca Facundo (Year 9 Carter)
Nadia Henry (Year 11 Woollacott)
Noah Holland (Year 11 Jeffries)
Daniel Lai (Year 11 Woollacott)
Kia McFarlane (Year 11 Woollacott)
Makenzie Meaney (Year 10 Jeffries)
Amy Mohapatra (Year 9 Clark)
Joshua Ponniah (Year 9 Kelly)
Rianna Rawat (Year 9 Heaslip)
Oscar Williams (Year 9 Carter)

The Balco Art Prize runs until Sunday 27 August 2017.

Academic Awards

Student Year​ House​
​Oscar Doley 8​ ​Kelly
​Anmol Gandhara ​8 ​Kelly
​Cooper Horton ​8 ​Carter
​Jason Konstandopoulos ​8 ​Clark
​Matvei Kotooussov ​8 ​Woollacott
​Zane Lindblom ​8 ​Kelly
​Sacha Mutze ​8 ​Kelly
​Samuel Blyzno ​9 ​Jeffries
​Timothy Blyzno ​9 ​Jeffries
​Max Coorey ​9 ​Fricker
Timothy Middleton​ ​9 ​Dunstan
​Sienna Rouvray ​9 ​Kelly
​Kurt Schenk ​9 ​Fereday
​Campbell Watson ​9 ​Dunstan
​Freya Young ​9 ​Forder
​Mu (Claire) Zhang ​9 ​Jeffries
​Rachel Beinke ​10 ​Clark
​Philippa Bergin ​10 ​Clark
​Grace Burton ​10 ​Dunstan
​Zoe Buttery ​10 ​Fereday
​Sarah Dennis ​10 ​Carter
​Vasilia Devetzidis ​10 ​Jeffries
Nikki Gluyas​ ​10 ​Jeffries
​Ashlynn Jeffries ​10 ​Dunstan
​Bella Marchesan ​10 ​Forder
​Jared Payne ​10 ​Forder
​Gracie Rawson ​10 ​Kelly
​Yoshi Tan ​10 ​Carter
​Abigail Wicks ​10 ​Clark
​Elizabeth Williamson ​10 ​Dunstan
​Daniel Cropley ​11 ​Clark
Louis Bond​ ​12 ​Fereday
​Jonathan Chapman ​12 ​Forder
​Maxwell Lawson ​12 ​Fereday
​Meichen Lu ​12 ​Dunstan
​Lachlan McGargill ​12 ​Fricker
​Briannah Puckridge ​12 ​Fricker
​Ania Schmidt ​12 ​Fricker
​Annelise Smith ​12 ​Fereday
​Charles Thomson ​12 ​Dunstan

Outstanding Attitude to Study

Student​ Year​ House​
​Harriet Cox ​8 ​Carter
​Caitlin Dyer ​8 ​Fricker
​Natasha Leck ​8 ​Carter
​Anna Parker ​8 ​Fereday
​Ruby Pike ​8 ​Forder
​Bianca Facundo ​9 ​Carter
​Maddison Higgins ​9 ​Forder
​Sidhaarath Sellvakumaran ​9 ​Jeffries
​Anna WIlson ​9 ​Forder
​Lucy Austin ​10 ​Clark
​Fereshteh Jafari ​10 ​Jeffries
Chloe Short​ ​10 ​Heaslip
​Lily Brice-Marwood ​11 ​Heaslip
​Jessica Bullock ​11 ​Clark
​Lucy Cesana ​11 ​Fricker
​Heidi Collins ​11 ​Forder
​Charlotte Drew ​11 ​Clark
​Regine Facundo ​11 ​Carter
​Rhys Griffin ​11 Carter​
​Isabella Jose ​11 ​Kelly
​Mackahla Keep ​11 ​Forder
​Tayla Kite ​11 ​Forder
​Jessica McDonald ​11 ​Forder
​Kate Morgan ​11 ​Woollacott
​Ashlin Petty ​11 ​Jeffries
​Olivia Pieck ​11 ​Fereday
​Lucy Prior ​11 ​Woollacott
​Isabella Triglau-Phillips ​11 ​Clark
​Georgia Weber ​11 ​Dunstan
​Luke Young ​11 ​Woollacott
​Alexandra Dowse ​12 ​Fricker
​Georgina Forrest ​12 ​Forder
​Callum Hastie ​12 ​Carter
​William Isaksson ​12 ​Jeffries
​Ella Liptak ​12 ​Dunstan
​Abbey Maynard ​12 ​Heaslip
​Courtney Reynolds ​12 ​Fereday
​Megan Sadler ​12 ​Forder
​Matthew Scheid ​12 ​Woollacott
​Michael Short ​12 ​Heaslip

Academic Excellence

​Student Year​ House​
​Jack Francis 8​ ​Dunstan
​Aidan Ross ​8 ​Clark
​Callum Andrews ​9 ​Carter
​Amy Liew ​9 ​Fereday
​Ruby Liptak ​9 ​Dunstan
​Zoe Smith ​9 ​Kelly
​Julia Damato ​10 ​Kelly
​Brodie Eckert ​10 ​Carter
​Sophie Hatwell ​10 ​Kelly
​Mia Helyar ​10 ​Forder
​Cameron Hildebrandt-Brooks ​10 ​Forder
​Dayna Holroyd ​10 ​Jeffries
​Belle Hope ​10 ​Forder
​Makenzie Meaney ​10 ​Jeffries
​Minh Anh Nguyen ​10 ​Clark
​Lydia Sanders ​10 ​Woollacott
​Sophie Sibbons ​10 ​Fereday
​Caitlin Stallan ​10 Carter​
​Taylah Stallan ​10 ​Carter
​Man Hei (Jamie) Tang ​10 ​Forder
​Madisson Tape ​10 ​Fricker
​Shijie Wang ​10 ​Fereday
​Fraser Bock ​11 ​Clark
​Bonita Hammond-Brown ​11 ​Jeffries
​Katerina Hand ​11 ​Kelly
​Emily Jaarsma ​11 ​Dunstan
​William Beinke ​12 ​Clark
​Oscar Bloomfield ​12 ​Fricker
​Yashwanth Chandrasekaran ​12 ​Dunstan
​Matthew Daily ​12 ​Jeffries
​Bianca Drum ​12 ​Heaslip
​Lily Drummond ​12 ​Carter
​Thomas Edwards ​12 ​Carter
​Bonnie Francis ​12 ​Heslip
​Charlie Fuller ​12 ​Dunstan
​Ciara Garvey ​12 ​Kelly
​Jessica Gatford ​12 ​Fricker
​Caitlin Gillespie ​12 ​Fereday
​Lewis Habermann ​12 ​Woollacott
​Shannan Hayes ​12 ​Woollacott
​Benjamin Karnon ​12 ​Clark
​James Lucas ​12 ​Jeffries
​Elysha McCauley ​12 ​Jeffries
​Clare McKenzie ​12 ​Woollacott
​Nicola Nimon ​12 ​Fereday
​Samuel Patterson ​12 ​Clark
​Blake Read ​12 ​Woollacott
​Alexander Reardon ​12 ​Forder
​Amalee Saunders ​12 ​Carter
​Hayley Sawley ​12 ​Heaslip
​Olivia Schinckel ​12 ​Heaslip
​Ella Secombe ​12 ​Kelly
​Emily Sellers ​12 ​Clark
​Sankkirtana Sellvakumaran ​12 ​Jeffries
​Maddison Simmons ​12 ​Kelly
​Madeline Slegers ​12 ​Carter
​Lucas Storer ​12 ​Dunstan
​Melanie Tattersall ​12 ​Fereday
​Henry Watson ​12 ​Dunstan
Cammie Williams​ 12​ Clark​
​Rosie Williamson ​12 ​Dunstan
​Tayla Wilsdon ​12 ​Heaslip
​Jacob Wilson ​12 ​Forder
​Zi Hao Xiang ​12 ​Carter
​Samuel Young ​12 ​Forder