October Meeting

The next Friends of Westminster meeting will be held on Monday 23 October, 7.00 pm, in the Westminster Archives. Please meet outside the MMC at 6.45 pm, and we will walk over to the Archives Department as a group.

This will be our new Principal, Simon Shepherd’s first meeting, so please come along and chat with Simon and hear about his vision for the school firsthand.

We will also be starting to plan for the annual Westminster Fair at this meeting, so if you would like to take part or want to know more, please come along as we would love your input!


Are you interested in volunteering at school? Not sure where to start or who to contact? Not sure how much is expected or how much (or little) you can do? Please contact me on M: 0412 144 277 or via Email, I’d love to chat to you about how you can be involved.

Caroline Phegan
Friends of Westminster President