Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Annie Smith (Year 12 Fereday) has been selected as a finalist in the $10,000 2017 The Shirl National Youth Portrait Prize, to be held at Bega Valley Regional Gallery. Finalists are selected by expert panellists. Congratulations Annie!

Choose Maths Awards

Earlier this term, several students attended the Choose Maths Awards 2017. The Choose Maths awards celebrate mathematical achievemet, creativity and excellence in Australian schools. The student awards are themed to inspire discussion and exploration of real world applications of maths. Bringing these ideas to life on film allows students to reimagine maths concepts and take maths learning beyond the classroom in creative and imaginative ways. The Westminster team, “The Sum Dog Millionaires” consisted of Lily Drummond (Year 12 Carter), Nathaniel Drummond (Year 9 Carter), and Olivia Ricciardi (Year 12 Carter). The team created an inspiring film showing how maths can be used to ensure Calypso the Border Collie received adequate nutrition.

The judges agreed that this was an excellent film, with the Westminster team taking out the top national prize – the Award For Excellence. Well done Lily, Nathaniel, and Olivia.

Manga High Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a "Maths Star" certificate for ourstanding achievement in the recent Manga High Mathematics competition:

  • Allan Chen (Year 9 Fereday)
  • Ebony Harper (Year 9 Fricker)

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Bronze Medal for Excellence in Mathematics at the competition:

  • Lukas Cooke (Year 8 Woollacott)
  • Matvei Kotooussov (Year 8 Woollacott)
  • Dayna Holroyd (Year 10 Jeffries)
  • Fereshteh Jafari (Year 10 Jeffries)

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a Silver Medal for Excellence in Mathematics at the competition:

  • Rhianna Barney (Year 9 Clark)
  • Aidan Ross (Year 8 Clark)

Intercol 2017

Congratulations to the following students who have been seleceted as Most Valuable Player for the 2017 Intercol:

  • Boys' Soccer - Grant Robertson (Year 11 Dunstan)
  • Girls' Soccer - Cammie Williams (Year 12 Clark)
  • Table Tennis - Lukas Cooke (Year 8 Woollacott)
  • Badminton - Grace (Hangrui) Li (Year 10 Woollacott)
  • Basketball - Angus Kubank (Year 12 Dunstan)
  • Netball - Bianca Drum (Year 12 Heaslip)
  • Football - Blake Read (Year 12 Woollacott)

Readers' Cup Challenge

The Readers’ Cup Challenge for Year 8 was launched by the LRC this year as a means of recognising the importance of reading for pleasure. It was seen as a perfect value-add to the current Year 8 Tutor Class competition overseen by the Head of Year 8, Ms Carolyn Obst.

Students participated in this event to win points for their Tutor Class. The Challenge tested their reading, comprehension, recollection and creative skills.

Students read any two of the four titles on offer during the Heats Round then answered multiple-choice questions relating to their chosen books. Finalists formed Class teams and were required to read the same two books in order to compete in the Final Round. Once again, they answered multiple-choice questions before participating in the Creative Round.

Team Salamon and Team Walwyn battled it out for the honour of being inaugural victors of this revamped Challenge and the winners were Team Walwyn (8PJW), Bradley Daniel (Year 8 Carter) and Isabella Frankel (Year 8 Heaslip).

The runners up for Team Salamon (8NMS) were Lachlan Grigg (Year 8 Forder) and Mitchell Lunn (Year 8 Jeffries).

Other students who participated were Jasnoor Matharu (Year 8 Dunstan), Hriday Patel (Year 8 Carter) and Ajay Rose (Year 8 Woollacott).