​The first full moon after 21 March approaches – in many traditions, Easter! And Easter has many meanings. Apart from anything else, after a busy start to the year – maybe particularly in a large school community – it’s the first holiday pause to catch a breath and relax.  Offering the bonus of being a longer long weekend, Easter is for many the first opportunity for the year to 'get away'.

For others Easter is the 'high' religious season.  If you're going to be religious at all during the year, Easter is a good time. Those meanings centre on the life and giving of Jesus, for Christians, the personalisation of who God might be. The fateful last week of his life in Jerusalem, and its hopes for us, will be our focus in ‘Holy Week’ services here at Westminster.

Increasingly, however, social commentators are identifying a new designation in responses to faith; 'SBNR' - 'spiritual but not religious'. In other words, people who are open to a greater meaning, even the divine, but don't find it in the dogmas and behaviours of the organised church. For a host of reasons in a rapidly changing society, that's not hard to understand.

The challenge however, is how we give expression to SBNR? Without organised forms, how do we practice our own spirituality? It takes decision, even commitment. The first step is always setting oneself aside from the demands of our families and culture – turning off the TV news and finding a place of quiet.

My hope for all of the Westminster community, in whatever manner you each celebrate the coming break, would be that there be space for deeper things; time for reflection and drawing from the wells of replenishment.  For your soul's sake.

Reverend Phil Hoffmann