Over the course of the first term, our School Leadership Team has been challenged to spend a day in the life of a student. Some of the team have managed to accomplish this already, in fact some have done two days!  I will be doing my part before the end of term to become a student for the day.  Our Director of Learning Andrea Sherwood is still trying to work out which year group I should be in! 

To be a student for the day, we can see what it is like for our students in class and gauge a greater understanding of what a day in the life of a Westminster student is like.  We can also tacitly teach our students a very important leadership mantra, that being not to ask someone to do something that you would not do yourself.  We hope that with a greater knowledge of what life is like for our students, we will be able to further improve their experiences at Westminster.

Something we already have in common with our students is that we all belong to a wonderful School community. Some of you may have noticed in the last eNews that the Westminster Shop promoted a new Westminster Supporters’ polo shirt and rugby top.  As many of you know, I try to attend many sporting events in support of our teams.  I have also found that getting a green and white shirt in Adelaide is a little problematic. We have addressed this and now the Westminster Shop is taking orders for our own Westminster Supporters’ polo and rugby top.  


During the winter sports season, it would be great if we can show our shared support for all our teams by being on the sidelines in green and white.  Then, as the big fixtures of Intercol loom, our united School community will be emblazoned in green and white, giving our teams a morale-lifting boost and a sense of solidarity to those who oppose us.  We are confident that the new tops can be worn socially or even on a golf course!  I hope we can all support this initiative and proudly show our sense of unity as a community.

Simon Shepherd