Prep Sports Days

Our students rounded out their athletics unit with a trio of Sports Days held throughout Week 6 and 7. The JP Sports Day was an action packed morning full of tabloid events, relays, and for the first time, running races, all held on the Prep Oval on a beautiful summer day. Students in Reception to Year 2 were joined by the ELC for the first part of the morning and the support they provided for our youngest students was terrific as they competed in their running races. Classes then rotated around various activities held across the Prep Oval, Forder Centre, and Main Oval, with the highlight being the tug-of-war and water bucket relay events. The day concluded with the baton and obstacle relays, with the students to be commended for giving their best efforts for the entirety of the day, despite the heat. 

Following the success of the JP Sports Day, students in Years 3 to 7 competed in the Field Events Sports Day, with a change in format reducing the day to an afternoon. Each class came out and participated in the four disciplines of long jump, shot put, high jump, and discus, accumulating points for their House. Students were also able to be selected for the field events finals based on the distances or heights that they jumped. Thanks to the families that came out and supported the students and staff with the measuring of these events.

Friday kicked off with the famous Cross Level Challenge race, with selected students from each House across the Prep School competing. A change in format meant that students were selected for activities based on their efforts during Physical Education lessons, which resulted in some outstanding races across the 100m, 200m, and 800m events. Field Events finals were also moved to the Friday, which resulted in some of our field events ‘specialists’ getting to show their wares in the main event for the first time. The structure of the day also allowed for students to support their fellow classmates or family members, which was a highlight of the day. Following a short lunch, all students competed in the novelty events, and the day culminated with the Years 3 to 7 relay races. Mace recorded back-to-back wins for the Sports Day Shield in a tightly fought contest, holding off a fast finishing Abbey.

Overall placings were:

Mace 1291
Abbey 126
Charter 1173
Crown 1151
Wyvern 1120
Wesley 1049

A very big thank you to our fantastic Property Services staff, for the significant amount of time spent on the line marking for the various events, and ensuring the ovals looked picture perfect. Well done to the following students and relay teams who managed to break records, some of which were long standing. Also well done to the individual medallists across each year level who contributed so significantly to their Houses and showed tremendous sportsmanship and grit throughout the day. 

New records 2018

​10 Years Girls 100m Ella Jones (Year 4 Abbey)​ 16.49 secs​
​13 Years Boys 100m ​Gjsovaun Brijmohan (Year 7 Abbey) 12.83 secs​
​10 Years Boys 800m ​Sam McClarron (Year 5 Mace) ​2.43 mins
​10 Years Girls Shot Put ​​Adelle Parkinson-Need (Year 4 Abbey) 5.38m​
​11 Years Girls Shot Put ​Harriet Robertson (Year 5 Mace) ​7.59m
​10 Years Boys Discus Gerard McGinley (Year 4 Mace)​ 24.20m​​
​12 Years Girls Long Jump ​Sienna Jones (Year 6 Mace) ​3.98m
​Year 5 4x100m Relay Abbey House​ ​1.07.39​
Year 6 4x100m Relay​ Mace House​ ​1.04.52
​Year 7 4x100m Relay Wyvern House​ ​1.01.36​

Individual Medallists for 2018

​Year 3 Boys Gold​ ​Oliver Maynard (Charter)
​Silver ​Riley Wilson (Wesley)
​Bronze ​Henry Styles (Mace)
​Year 3 Girls ​Gold ​Isabelle Sincock (Wesley)
​Gold ​Sophie Hutchins (Crown)
​Silver ​Ella Lunn (Wesley)
​Bronze ​Bella McClarron (Mace)
​Year 4 Boys ​Gold ​Gerard McGinley (Mace)
​Silver ​Harry Davison (Wesley)
​Bronze ​Jack Green (Charter)
​Year 4 Girls ​Gold ​Ella Jones (Abbey)
​Silver ​Adelle Parkinson-Need (Abbey)
​Silver Isla Begg (Crown)​
​Bronze ​Poppy Doyle (Crown)
​Bronze ​Darcy May-Martin (Wesley)
​Year 5 Boys ​Gold ​Jeremy Shepherd (Charter)
​Silver ​Tim Alver (Abbey)
​Bronze ​Patrick Hutchins (Crown)
​Bronze ​Jack Alver (Abbey)
​Year 5 Girls ​Gold ​Tigerlily Kovacic (Wyvern)
​Silver ​Harriet Robertson (Mace)
​Bronze ​Zanna Spence (Abbey)
Year 6 Boys​ ​Gold ​Kobi Rees (Abbey)
​Silver ​Artem Levchenko (Mace)
​Bronze ​Ellis Foster (Wesley)
​Bronze ​Cole Stephen (Mace)
​Year 6 Girls Gold​ ​Sienna Jones (Mace)
​Silver ​Reilly Curran (Crown)
​Bronze ​Maddison Willis (Abbey)
​Year 7 Boys ​Gold ​Gjsovaun Brijmohan (Abbey)
​Silver ​Declan Kolb (Wyvern)
​Bronze ​Jan McGinley (Mace)
​Year 7 Girls ​Gold ​Katie Natt (Crown)
​Gold ​Natalia Pope (Charter)
​Silver ​Zara Segal
​Bronze ​Emilia Parkinson-Need (Abbey)
​Bronze ​Luka Nedelkos (Wyvern)
​Bronze ​Grace Roberts (Wyvern)


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Change of plans

At Westminster the staffing of any co-curricular activity is dependent upon staff volunteering to take on the activity.  Westminster expects all staff to contribute to a co-curricular activity that they feel confident to take. As families would realise by now, the co-curricular offerings are many and varied. It is not possible however to expect staff to take on a role that they do not want to do in their spare time. It needs to come from within. At the start of this year no staff expressed an interest in coordinating or directing a musical for Year 6 and 7 students. Mrs Laity and Mr Jury have done it for the past two years and Mr Walker for a number of years prior to that. It is a significant commitment both in terms of the time and expertise required, and there is no obligation on staff to take on this role. Hopefully students will find enough performance opportunities via other co-curricular offerings to fill the void.

Swimming success

Congratulations to the following students who represented the School and the district so well recently and received a medal for their efforts at the South West District at the State Day Swimming Carnival.

Milly Derbyshire (Year 6 Wesley) - 1st U11 Freestyle and 3rd U11 Butterfly 
Erin Shepherd (Year 6 Mace) - 3rd U11 Breaststroke
Katie Natt (Year 7 Crown) 3rd Open Girls Medley Relay 
Erin Shepherd, Harriet Robertson (Year 5 Mace), and Milly Derbyshire - 3rd U11 Freestyle Relay
Isabella Maynard (Year 6 Charter) - 2nd U12 Freestyle relay

Traffic on Alison Avenue

We have been made aware that the City of Marion is patrolling Alison Ave to ensure cars are not parking contrary to the signage or laws that govern parking (fines apply). This includes any parking across driveways. While the City of Marion reserves the right to patrol any of the schools in their area, it becomes more noticeable if there has been a local resident complaint. We respectfully ask all families to observe the parking restrictions in Alison Ave and to be considerate of local residents when dropping off or picking up children during the school day, ensuring that local resident driveways are kept clear at all times. This will avoid the possibility of being fined.

Diary Dates

  • Westminster School Fun Fair – Saturday 7 April, Prep School Oval
  • End of Term – Friday 13 April, 1.00 pm finish
  • Start of Term 2 – Tuesday 1 May, 8.45 am​

Grant Bock
Head of Preparatory School