Westventure Camp 5 will return on Friday next week and will mark the end of the Westventure experience for our Year 10 students. Westventure is an essential part of a Westminster education and has been experienced by students for almost as long as Westminster has existed. The benefits to students to experience life outside of their comfort zone, and working through problems with others to achieve a solution, is invaluable and one which today employers are looking for in prospective employees.

The encouragement that each student receives from their peers and the instructors allows them to achieve things they would have normally considered not possible. A strength of our program is that all the instructors are Old Scholars and have been through the Westventure experience and understand the philosophy and benefits of the program. Our Head of Westventure, Mr Rob McLean ('99), an Old Scholar himself, ensures the program is delivered in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere to ensure that each student grows over the two weeks.

I thank Rob, Gordon Begg, and all the instructors who have made Westventure a positive experience for the Year 10 students.

End of Term

As Holy Week and Westventure provide opportunities for students to reflect on their achievements and approach to life, the end of term is also an opportunity for students to measure their performance with the goals they set themselves at the beginning of the year. I would encourage all students to analyse their academic performance this term and if you have not achieved your goals seek advice and guidance from your teachers. 

This term has been a busy one for the Houses with the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, along with a variety of welcome functions for new and existing families. I would like to thank all the House Heads and student leaders for making these activities successful occasions. The Year 8 students have fitted in very well and I have been impressed by their friendly and cheerful manner. The work by Head of Year 8, Ms Kate Johns, and the Year 8 Class teachers has been critical for such a smooth start to life in secondary school.

I wish all students and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday, and look forward to seeing everyone back for the beginning of Term 2.

Traffic on Alison Avenue

We have been made aware that the City of Marion is patrolling Alison Ave to ensure cars are not parking contrary to the signage or laws that govern parking (fines apply). This includes any parking across driveways.  While the City of Marion reserves the right to patrol any of the schools in their area, it becomes more noticeable if there has been a local resident complaint. We respectfully ask all families to observe the parking restrictions in Alison Ave and to be considerate of local residents when dropping off or picking up children during the school day, ensuring that local resident driveways are kept clear at all times. This will avoid the possibility of being fined.

David Wallage
Head of Senior School