Westminster School Foundation AGM

The Westminster School Foundation AGM will now be held at 9.30 am Wednesday 13 June 2018 in the Haydon Room. It will be followed by an ordinary business meeting. The Foundation manages fundraising, bequests, campaigns and specific philanthropic program funding within our School community. Should you wish to know more about the Foundation and how it operates, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Friends of Westminster AGM

The Friends of Westminster AGM will be held Monday 14 May at 7.00 pm in the Haydon Room. This is open to any member of our School community, particularly if you are interested in finding out more about how Friends of Westminster (FoW) operates. Friends of Westminster is the umbrella support group for all of our community groups, including the Fun Fair Committee. Should you wish to know more about FoW, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please see the Friends of Westminster article in this eNews to download the AGM agenda.

Women of Westminster

Depending on when you read this, the Women of Westminster Mother’s Day Luncheon may be underway or have wound up for another year! It is always a fabulous day (from all accounts!) and we thank all who are attending this year’s event. As our major sponsor, Maria Maglieri of Serafino Wines deserves a special acknowledgment for providing a superb range of wines for the luncheon. We are very grateful for Maria’s support and look forward to thanking all of our WoW supporters in subsequent reports.

Our next major community feast will be the Long Lunch on Sunday 28 October to be held at Westminster School. We look forward to releasing more Long Lunch information over the coming weeks.

Westminster News (Autumn 2018)

Our new edition of Westminster News is arriving in letter boxes this week. Our outstanding Senior and Preparatory Captains of the School are on the front cover. Don’t forget if your address (or other contact details) have changed to let us know via Email. We can then keep you updated with Westminster news and stories from the School and community. We hope you enjoy!

Recent Appointment of our Advancement and Marketing Manager

Our new Advancement and Marketing Manager is Tanya Jarman (’89) who comes to Westminster School with a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge about our School and community. School Captain in 1989, Tanya is the daughter of long serving staff member David Jarman and Jeanette Jarman, both well-known Westminster identities, and younger sister to Mark Jarman (’87). Tanya and husband Simon Burgess have daughter Ella in Year 5. Tanya commences on Monday 21 May. Consequently, I step away from the Acting Director of Development position to continue as Communications Manager. It has been a pleasure ensuring this aspect of the School has continued to function well for the School and community, and I am confident (knowing Tanya as I do) that we are in skilled hands moving forward.       

Peter Trenorden (’77)
Acting Director Development
Communications Manager