Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Jessica McManus (Year 8 Jeffries) recently participated in the State Little Athletics Championships. Jessica ran her personal best times, and achieved Gold in the U13 Girls' 800m, and Silver in the U13 Girls' 1500m. These fantastic results mean she has been selected for the State Little Athletics Team, who competed on the Gold Coast at the National Little Athletics Championships in April.

Jackson Allen (Year 9 Kelly) has been selected in the U16 Mens South Australian Metro Basketball team. To represent your state is a great achievement. The 2018 Under 16 Australian Junior Championships will be held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, from Friday 6 to Friday 13 July 2018.

Ebony Harper (Year 10 Fricker) has been selected to play in the Pizzey Cup, which is the National Secondary School Tennis Championships.  This year it was being played in Brisbane, for 10 days during April.

Lucy Austin (Year 11 Clark) and Georgia Kraft (Year 12 Kelly) were members of the U17 State Netball Team that won the national title during the holidays. Unfortunately Georgia ruptured her ACL in the semi-final. Special congratulations to Lucy, who was captain of this team.

At the 2018 Surfboat Rowers League State Titles, Sarah Burns (Year 12 Fereday) was a crew member of the U19 Brighton Surf Boat Rowing Team which took out the Bronze medal.

Emma Chappill (Year 11 Clark) achieved the following results at the 2018 Surf Lifesaving SA State Championships:
U17 Ski Relay - 3rd
U17 Taplin Relay - 3rd
U19 R&R - 3rd
U23 Marchpast - 2nd

William Arnold (Year 11 Dunstan) has been competing in the National Championships and Interstate Golf series of late. In the Australian U18 championship, he was tied 6th after 36 holes and eventually finished T29 after 72 holes (156 entrants in the field). The interstate teams series is “state against state” in a match play format. William played in six out of seven matches (rested for 1), and won 3½ out of 6 with wins against NT, WA, VIC, and a half against ACT. The team finished 5th overall. His handicap is now (plus!) + 1.7……lowest in the state for his age and he is currently ranked 41 nationally for U18.

Elizabeth Williamson (Year 11 Dunstan) attended the Under 18 National Basketball Championships in the holidays, and her team (SA Metro) came second in the competition.

Olivia Buchanan (Year 9 Dunstan) qualified and competed at the S.A. Dressage Championships at Mount Crawford recently. She had qualified to compete in four events in the junior age group (juniors includes riders from approximately 12 up to 21 years of age). She placed 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 5th. It was a great result.

Sacha Mutze (Year 9 Kelly), has been chosen to represent Australia at the Little League International Asia‐Pacific Softball Championship in Singapore, to be held in June, 2018.

Athletics Carnival - Year Level Champions

​Year 8 Girls ​Student House​ Points​
​3rd ​Sasha Coorey ​Fricker ​102
​2nd ​Kiera Ross ​Clark ​114
​1st ​Jessica McManus ​Jeffries ​130
Year 8 Boys​
​3rd ​Archie Byrne ​Dunstan 105.5​5​
​2nd ​Braxton Meinel ​Kelly ​106
​1st ​Brad Shepherd ​Dunstan ​122
​Year 9 Girls
​3rd ​Sacha Mutze ​Kelly ​102
​2nd ​Daisy Jury ​Clark ​108
​1st ​Caitlin Dyer ​Fricker ​142
​Year 9 Boys
​3rd Jackson Allen​ ​Kelly ​119
​2nd ​Aston Woods ​Fricker ​128
​1st ​Aidan Ross ​Clark ​132
​Year 10 Girls
​3rd ​Rachel Sanders ​Woollacott 105​
​2nd ​Zoe Smith ​Kelly ​121
​1st ​Ruby Liptak ​Dunstan ​132
​Year 10 Boys
3rd​ ​Kaine Baldwin Forder 112​
​2nd ​Timothy Blyzno ​Jeffries ​122
​1st ​Samuel Blyzno ​Jeffries ​123
​Year 11 Girls
​3rd ​Lydia Sanders ​Woollacott ​83
​2nd ​Lauren Ward ​Fricker ​90
​1st ​Faith Pearson-McKenzie ​Jeffries ​94
​Year 11 Boys
​3rd ​Loci Skinner ​Clark ​113
​2nd ​Brodie Eckert ​Carter ​120
​1st ​Zac Hillam ​Fereday ​122
​Year 12 Girls
​3rd ​Sarah Burns ​Forder ​122
​2nd ​Jaidyn Jones ​Clark ​124
​1st ​Heidi Collins ​Forder ​133
​Year 12 Boys
​=2nd James McLachlan​ ​Fereday ​91
​=2nd ​Henry Gibson ​Woollacott ​91
​1st ​Casey Buchanan ​Kelly ​127

Athletics Carnival: Record Breakers

Congratulations to the following students who broke a record at the Athletics Carnival.

Female Year 8 800m - Kiera Ross (Clark) 2:13.49

Female Year 11 800m - Faith Pearson-McKenzie (Jeffries) 2:28.33

Female Year 11 200m Div 1 - Caitlin Stallan (Carter) 26.77

Female Year 9 100m Div 1 and 200m Div 1 - Lakara Stallan (Carter) 12.53 and 26.16 respectively

Female Year 12 Relay - Carter House: Lakara Stallan (Year 9), Caitlin Stallan (Year 11), Taylah Stallan (Year 11), and Amber Cooney (Year 12)

Academic Awards - Term 1 2018

Year 9 to 12 Outstanding Attitude to Study

Year 9
Olivia Buchanan (Dunstan)
Jack Francis (Dunstan)
Emily Green (Heaslip)
Jessica Hatwell (Kelly)
Declan Kesting (Carter)
Natasha Leck (Carter)
Xianyi Liu (Forder)
Amelie Styles (Carter)
Deena Warren (Forder)
Zara West (Woollacott)

Year 10
Lauryn Ambler (Woollacott)
Hamish Caudle (Carter)
RIley Chapman (Carter)
Chloe Dubois (Heaslip)
Annie Firth (Woollacott)
Willis Hammond-Brown (Jeffries)
Ebony Harper (Fricker)
Amy McDonald (Forder)
Voramet Muanmeechok (Heaslip)
Thomas Reardon (Forder)
Sidhaarath Sellvakumaran (Jeffries)
Ella Simpson (Woollacott)
Emily Small (Fricker)
Anna Wilson (Forder)
Alice Wyness (Dunstan)
Freya Young (Forder)
Henrik Zefi (Clark)
Mu Zhang (Jeffries)

Year 11
Elliott Brown (Fereday)
Vasilia Devetzidis (Jeffries)
Nikki Gluyas (Jeffries)
Sophie Hatwell (Kelly)
Rebecca Haynes (Dunstan)
Mia Helyar (Forder)
Olivia Hoffmann (Kelly)
Fereshteh Jafari (Jeffries)
Ella Kay (Jeffries)
Gabriella Loy (Fereday)
Anh Nguyen (Clark)
Faith Pearson-McKenzie (Jeffries)
Annabel Porter (Clark)
Alexandra-Lee Prime (Heaslip)
Gracie Rawson (Kelly)
Lydia Sanders (Woollacott)
Ashlee Sims (Forder)
Madisson Tape (Fricker)
Taj Ward (Jeffries)
Abigail Wicks (Clark)
Riley Wilsdon (Heaslip)

Year 12
Alice Cesana (Fricker)
Regine Facundo (Carter)
Jessica Johnson (Kelly)
Jaidyn Jones (Clark)
Eleanor Lewis (Kelly)
William Lowe (Heaslip)
Jessica McDonald (Forder)
Kia McFarlane (Woollacott)
Matthew Meaney (Forder)
Carli Morton (Fereday)
Lukas Noble (Jeffries)
Olivia Pieck (Fereday)
Joshua Rigden (Woollacott)
Sophie Simpson (Woollacott)
Vincent Stender (Kelly)
Georgia Weber (Dunstan)
Kate Wildy (Dunstan)

Year 9 to 12 Academic Awards

Year 9
Matvei Kotooussov (Woollacott)
Sacha Mutze (Kelly)
Hriday Patel (Carter)
Aidan Ross (Clark)

Year 10
Max Coorey (Fricker)
Maddison Higgins (Forder)
Xander Jennings (Kelly)
Amy Liew (Fereday)
Timothy Middleton (Dunstan)
Peta Nedelkos (Carter)
Jade Pearson-McKenzie (Jeffries)
Joshua Ponniah (Kelly)
Hannah Venturi (Carter)
Zhiai Zhang (Dunstan)

Year 11
Brodie Eckert (Carter)
Jiahe Liu (Kelly)
Ningxi Zhang (Jeffries)

Year 12
Kyle Chenoweth (Jeffries)
Daniel Cropley (Clark)
Charlotte Drew (Clark)
Kiran Gerbi (Dunstan)
Wing Man Ho (Woollacott)
Tu Hoang (Fricker)
Alexander Lam (Fereday)
Alexander Page (Forder)
Nicholas Rose (Dunstan)
Lucas Secombe (Kelly)
Xiaomi Xu (Heaslip)

Year 9 to 12 Academic Excellence Award

Year 9
Isabella Frankel (Heaslip)
Daisy Jury (Clark)
Amelie Noble (Jeffries)
Jemma Sanders (Woollacott)

Year 10
Callum Andrews (Carter)
Kaine Baldwin (Forder)
Rhianna Barney (Clark)
Samuel Blyzno (Jeffries)
Timothy Blyzno (Jeffries)
Caitlin Edwards (Fereday)
Bianca Facundo (Carter)
Mae Johnson (Kelly)
Amy Mohaptra (Clark)
Amelia Munt (Kelly)
Emily Nolis (Clark)
Sienna Rouvray (Kelly)
Zoe Smith (Kelly)
Campbell Watson (Dunstan)

Year 11
Zoe Buttery (Fereday)
Julia Damato (Kelly)
Belle Hope (Forder)
Chloe Karnon (Clark)
Caitlin Stallan (Carter)
Taylah Stallan (Carter)
Yoshi Tan (Carter)
Thomas Taplin (Jeffries)
Shijie Wang (Fereday)

Year 12
Fraser Bock (Clark)
Lily Brice-Marwood (Heaslip)
Heidi Collins (Forder)
Isabel Glynn (Kelly)
Jenaiha Graham (Kelly)
Rhys Griffin (Carter)
Bonita Hammond-Brown (Jeffries)
Katerina Hand (Kelly)
Alyse Hean (Woollacott)
Emily Jaarsma (Dunstan)
Isabella Jose (Kelly)
Georgia Kraft (Kelly)
Yifan Lai (Woollacott)
Bolong Lin (Heaslip)
Bailey Lindblom (Kelly)
Daniel McArthur (Kelly)
Kate Morgan (Woollacott)
Louie Naito (Fereday)
Dimitrios Nikos (Kelly)
Ashlin Petty (Jeffries)
Lucy Prior (Woollacott)
Grant Robertson (Dunstan)
Matthew Thomas (Fereday)
Isabella Triglau-Phillips (Clark)
Matthew Van Riel (Kelly)
Boshi Wang (Fricker)
Yuchen Zhou (Carter)