Thanks to the initiative of Mrs Liz Collins, across the School we have been focussing on a series of character strengths with the students. As well as being a theme for working in class and pastoral times, it also is reinforced at our Chapel and Assembly services.

The character strengths include bravery, leadership, curiosity, hope, zest, humour, judgement, gratitude, honesty, perseverance, love, forgiveness, and perspective. As all would agree, these are life qualities that we need to have in balance in order to be effective and productive members of society.

The School has also looked to support the students by engaging with external experts to enhance the messages the students receive at school. Most recently Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project has spent time at the School working with all students from Years 4 to 12. He provided frightening data about the prevalence of mental health issues among school aged students. The presentation centred upon the importance of failing to ensure long term resilience. He spoke with us about mindfulness, gratitude and empathy being the key components of strong mental health. Martin relayed the very important message via some story telling from his own experiences. This is a follow up to the Resilience Project visit to Westminster in 2016.

Selection success

Congratulations to Milly Derbyshire (Year 7 Wesley) who has been chosen to represent South Australia in the School Sport Australia Swimming Championships, to be held in Hobart from Wednesday 25 to Tuesday 31 July.

Nikolas Damato (Year 6 Wyvern) has been chosen to represent South Australia in the School Sport Australia Softball Championships to be held in Hobart from Saturday 10 to Friday 16 November.

Following trials, a number of our students have been selected to represent the District in SAPSASA football, netball, and cross country for the week Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June.

The netballers are Natalia Pope (Year 7 Charter), Sienna Jones (Year 6 Mace), Emilia Parkinson-Need (Year 7 Abbey), Zara Segal (Year 7 Crown), and Luka Nedelkos (Year 7 Wyvern).

The football representatives are Tyson Stallan (Year 7 Wyvern), Kalan Knox (Year 7 Wyvern), and Declan Kolb (Year 7 Wyvern).

Our Cross Country representatives are Emily Mableson (Year 5 Wyvern), Jack Green (Year 4 Charter), Sam McClarron (Year 5 Mace), Erin Shepherd (Year 6 Mace), Jeremy Shepherd (Year 5 Charter), Zachary Tucker (Year 5 Wyvern), Abbey Bell (Year 7 Mace), Katie Natt (Year 7 Crown), Larni Vo Nguyen (Year 6 Mace), Harry Lunn (Year 7 Wesley), Daniel Turnbull (Year 6 Wyvern), and Emilia Parkinson-Need (Year 7 Abbey).

Diary Dates

  • Casuals Day - Friday 8 June
  • Public Holiday - Monday 11 June
  • Sonya Ryan, Online Safety - Monday 18 June, 7.00 pm, MMC
  • Sing Sing Sing Concert - Wednesday 20 June, 6.30 pm, MMC
  • End of Term 2 - Friday 29 June, 1.00 pm
  • Term 3 commences - Tuesday 24 July

Grant Bock
Head of Preparatory School