Winter Sport

It has been pleasing to see winter sport get off to a great start. Thanks to all students and families/carers for generally very pleasing results in attendance, uniform, behaviour, and performance in our first four weeks. The Dragons teams have been on fire early with some best-ever results. Students, keep up the great team spirit and have pride in pulling on the green and white strip each week!

As a reminder, teams training for Tours (at present the Cricket Tour) will practice outside the pre-existing winter sport co-curricular timetable. As per the Sports Handbook policy, Tour practices do not override normal winter sport, co-curricular practice, or rehearsal schedules. Staff work very hard to achieve a minimal-clash, best practice, master co-curricular schedule, and out of respect to the coaches and teams who have high expectations of attendance and plan sessions for the whole team, students are to attend their normal in-season sport or co-curricular sessions as a priority. We understand the challenges of finding timeslots for Tours and non-regular practices in a very busy co-curricular schedule, and Tour staff have worked closely with the Sports Department to find solutions.

Golden Keys Fast Twitch Performance Training Centre

It has been a great start to the program with the first week seeing 120+ students using the facility and getting inducted on our new isokinetic power training equipment. The students have been adapting well to the new style of training. All student athletes involved in the high performance programs will be introduced to Stage 1 of their sport specific strength and conditioning programs in the coming weeks. This will focus on what is needed based on their current sporting calendar. It has also been great to have a number of students outside of the HP program contacting me and starting their training.

I am very excited to be working in this world class facility, developing the strength and conditioning program at Westminster School.  I strongly encourage anyone that is interested in knowing more about the program, or about isokinetic training, to get in touch with me via Email.

Gerard Dutton
Training Centre Coordinator

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International Netball World Champion and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist, Leana De Bruin has been a very popular guest at Westminster this week. Leana was based in the Prep School but is working with students across both campuses. Some of the activities Leana has been involved in this week include:

  • Sharing her story at Prep Assembly about growing up in South Africa, moving to New Zealand to play professional netball, and her setbacks and successes
  • Health workshop with the Year 4s talking about empathy, respect, and how valuing diversity can positively influence relationships
  • Joining in Prep Class Fitness sessions with the students
  • Working alongside students in Prep PE Classes from Reception to Year 7
  • Working with Mr Burns in the Year 7 Leadership Program
  • Being a special guest at a “Prep Netball Lunch” with Prep students
  • Running Netball Clinics and taking Netball practice with the Years 2 to 7 netballers
  • Working alongside children in the Jellybean Club
  • Visiting Mr Davison’s Year 12 PE Class to talk about “Characteristics of a Skilled Performer”
  • Taking Mr Ritson’s Year 12 PE Class for a high-tempo Netball Practical

Many children have expressed their gratitude and been very excited about having Leana in class with them to chat and learn from. Well done to all of our Prep students who have made the most of this special experience.

Our Year 3 Girls preparing for a PE Football lesson on the whiteboard with Leana, Miss Riley, and Mr Thompson. 

Jane Woodlands-Thompson
Head of Sport Development and High Performance