Term 2 has proven to be a busy time in boarding. Boarders are continuing to enjoy the winter co-curricular program as well as taking advantage of our new Golden Keys Training Facility. This has been popular with a large number of Boarders, ranging from those looking for some gentle exercise through to those in our high performance program. This facility has certainly been a welcome addition to boarding life. Our Boarders also have a high level of involvement in the performing and visual arts as well as pivotal roles within the Tech Crew. It is always exciting and rewarding to see the significant contribution Boarders make to life at Westminster.

Now that we are over half way through the term, our Year 11 and 12 students are entering serious study mode with exams commencing in Week 7. This is an excellent opportunity for our Boarders to take advantage of a quiet time in the Boarding House, and prepare for exams and other tasks before the mid-year break. Prior to this, we have our second exeat for the term where many of our Boarders will be enjoying time catching up with family and friends from home. Of course, not all of our Boarders are able to travel home for exeat as the distance is too great. Fortunately, we have a strong level of support from the Westminster community and these Boarders always have an enjoyable weekend. If you would like to provide a home for Boarders over an exeat weekend, please contact the School for further information.

Recently, we have welcomed some new Boarders into our community. It has been pleasing to see the ease and comfort with which these students have transitioned into our Boarding House. This is an excellent reflection on the friendly and embracing nature of the students and staff within our community, and augurs well for continued positivity and success in Boarding throughout 2018.

Zac Savage
Head of Boys' Boarding