First Aid and Injury Management at Sports Matches and Practices

Of all the many great benefits of participating in sport, one of the few downsides is injury, and unfortunately we have seen a few nasty ones already this winter sport season. When bodies are engaged in competitive sport, injuries are at some stage inevitable. Westminster provides first aid cover for all practices scheduled in the before, lunchtime, and after school timeslots at the First Aid Centre, which is located at the turning circle, at the end of road just past the Art Centre. Our trained nurses staff the First Aid Centre until 4.00 pm, and hold all student medical records. The First Aid Centre is also staffed at all times during school hours which not only provides a sick bay for students who fall ill during the course of the day, but for injuries during Prep and Senior PE lessons.

All sports teams via their managers/coaches have a first aid kit for minor injuries, and teaching staff are all first aid trained. Westminster also employs a First Aid Officer to attend home sporting fixtures on Saturdays to assist with injuries and accidents that occur during this prime sporting timeslot. Please look for the first aid officer in bright red floating between the Senior School main oval, main soccer pitch, and Sports and Swimming Centre. Ice is also always available from the Sports and Swimming Centre. When playing away, the home school will have a similar arrangement in place, coaches and managers will check with the opposition staff to assist in locating the relevant first aid person.

For musculo-skeletal injures, Westminster recommends PhysioXtra at 724 Marion Road, Marion, a very short walk from the School grounds. PhysioXtra ( has a number of quality physiotherapists and podiatrists on site to provide treatment and rehabilitation exercises for all sporting injuries. PhysioXtra staff have worked extensively in elite football and netball programs, including with Glenelg Football Club, South Australian Sports Institute and the Adelaide Thunderbirds. Please call, T: 08 8357 4988 to book an appointment.

For more serious injuries and illness, Westminster recommends that families engage a quality sports physician for treatment and possible referral to specialists. Experienced sports physicians who have worked with athletes and our professional sports teams are highly recommended. Westminster recommends Dr Angela Moran. Dr Moran has extensive experience in working with junior and senior athletes in professional sports teams, including the Adelaide Thunderbirds and West Adelaide Football Club. Appointments can be made with Dr Moran at Kingston Family Clinic, South Brighton, T: 08 8296 5844 or at Sportsmed SA, T: 08 8362 8111. Dr Moran is also at PhysioXtra Marion on Wednesday afternoons and can be contacted there for appointments, T: 08 8357 4988.

For extreme injuries, the team manager or coach may call an Ambulance to the sporting fixture directly.

We urge families to please keep coaches and team managers updated with all student illness and injuries so we can best manage and help students in their team context. Please see the below communications flowchart from the Westminster Sports Handbook for help regarding contacting the appropriate person.  Notes from physiotherapists/medical professionals are always appreciated, and assist in integrating students with their team appropriately whilst recovering from injury.

​Issue Person who makes contact​ Communication Process​​ First Point of Contact​ Copy In​ Notes​
​Absence from sporting fixture/practice Student or parent​
  • call to ​School Absentee line if sick on practice day
  • phone call/email to team manager/coach
Team Coach/Manager​ HSSS/HPSS ​Students are expected to be available for all fixtures and trainings unless extremely extenuating circumstances. Holidays, family birthdays, medical appointments and celebrations should be planned around a student’s commitment to their team in holidays or out of sport times. 
​Injury/illness affecting participation in fixture/practice ​Student or parent
  • ​call to School Absentee line if sick on practice day
  • email to coach and manager
​Team Coach/Manager ​HSSS/HPSS Students are expected to attend all practices and matches if injured or well enough to be at school. Coaches will set modified programs (e.g. shooting practice, chair work/ stats or management tasks) so enable them to contribute to the team.​


Here’s hoping for a healthy remainder of the season for all of our Dragons competitors!

High Performance Sport Summit Group Workshop 2 - Sports Psychology and Wellbeing

On Monday 28 May we welcomed two leading sports industry presenters to Westminster to talk with our sporting families on the hot topics of Sports Psychology and Wellbeing for school-aged students in intensive pre-elite sports programs.

The session was well attended by our student-athletes and families and we received positive feedback around the take-out messaging from our guest presenters Geof Boylan-Marsland and Stewart McCully.

Geof Boylan-Marsland

Geof is a Master of Psychology in Sport/Performance and was the Senior Psychologist at the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) in Adelaide and has been working as a psychologist in high performance sport for the last 15 years. Geof also runs Mind Matters Psychology in Western Adelaide, working with athletes and teams in variety of sports including netball, officiating, BMX, cycling, athletics, bowling, swimming, golf, and gymnastics, and has worked with the Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Team and Australian ‘Diamonds’ netballers.  Geof discussed:

  • The physical and environmental safety of the family environment and teen social connectedness
  • Control, motivation and avoidance
  • Sense of self and confidence
  • The teen brain
  • Why teenagers think like they do and how this impacts on their sport
  • Managing expectation and perfectionism
  • Mindfulness and the notion of “Live Life Today”
  • Recommended Sports Psychology Apps (Smiling Mind, Simple Habits)

Geof certainly had us all smiling with his anecdotes, and thinking with his revealing psychological science.

Sport psychology is now a mainstream part of performance sport. To develop mental resilience and tools for success, a good foundation of sports psychology skills will enhance and support students’ development in and out of the classroom. At times, sport can present a range of emotional and psychological challenges for students, particularly as they move up the high performance pathway. This has become increasingly evident as their lives get busier and ‘down time’ decreases. For students who are interested in developing their mental toughness skills to advance in sport, as well as those showing signs of performance or general anxiety or load management issues, Westminster recommends making an appointment to see Geof. Geof has achieved excellent results with student-athletes aiming to succeed in performance sport whilst maximising their ATAR score. Geof can be contacted directly for individual consultations on M: 0403 017 930.

Stewart McCully

With his teaching background in some tough environments, as well as his life experiences as a country boy moving to Adelaide for a football career with Glenelg, Stewart McCully shared his valuable insights on life challenges and the mechanisms that need to be in place for teens in competitive sport to not only survive combining school, sport and life but maximise their success.

With Bachelor of Education (PE), Graduate Certificate Elite Athlete Mentoring, Certificate 4 Training & Assessment, SANFL State Squad member experience, and 125-games at Glenelg, Stewart’s passion for sport and for people lead to him creating his tailor made athlete mentoring program, Next Level Elite Athlete Mentoring. After two years of studying what makes elite athletes tick, Stewart established his program which is designed to help elite athletes maximise their potential in the sporting arena and in life. Stewart’s work aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between professional athletes of all levels on topics ranging from leadership to life beyond sport. His work with athletes aims to ensure that each individual has the opportunity to reach their full athletic and personal potential including working with groups in a collaborative culture between athletes in different sports. Stewart and his team teach athletes how to deal with setbacks, handle the media, manage a budget, maximise self-promotion, master public speaking, do effective long-term planning, and about leadership.

Stewart’s main messages were:

  • Having a Plan B for your sport
  • Hurdles for competition
  • Creating more time and prioritising
  • Time management
  • Communication – the importance of this with coaches, teachers, parents and stakeholders
  • Personal leadership and the benefits of being a great leader

Stewart works with athletes of all ages and information about courses can be found at Stewart can be contacted on M: 0431 274 771 or at


Video Analysis is a staple for improvement in sports performance in both elite and club sport environments. Thanks to the generosity of our Golden Keys group, Westminster student-athletes have access to this medium through our Eyetower sports recording device. Students and spectators may have noticed that Eyetower has been up and running on the sports fields capturing footage for designated matches for our coaches and students to use. Once our match footage is captured, our analysis team sends a link to coaches/ team managers. This link gives coaches and students access to view the footage and then analyse individual and team performances. As a courtesy note, we inform opposing schools that the game will be recorded. We use a closed site that is intended for use of coaches, team staff, and students in that team. We look forward to using this great coaching tool throughout the year for our students to enhance their games.

Jane Woodlands-Thompson
Head of Sport Development and High Performance