Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Imogen Beattie (Year 8 Heaslip) came second in the State Judo competition recently.

Congratulations to Max Coorey (Year 10 Fricker) who was also recently selected for the State U15 Football Squad.

Congratulations to Jack McKenzie (Year 8 Heaslip) who has been selected to represent the South Australian Youth as a Scout, at the National Program Conference 2018 for Scouts Australia, being held in Melbourne on Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July 2018. Jack is the only SA Scout selected and will attend and contribute to workshops on the Friday, and the conference on the Saturday/Sunday as part of the National Youth Program Team. He will be liaising with Branch Commissioners at all levels as well as other youth members from around Australia. Jack is very excited to be chosen and to have some input into the development of the future Youth Program for Scouts.

Spirit of Westventure

Congratulations to the following Year 10 students who have been awarded the Spirit of Westventure prize for 2018:

Camp 1: Willis Hammond-Brown (Jeffries)
Camp 2: Max Coorey (Fricker)
Camp 3: Gus Llewellyn (Heaslip)
Camp 4: Bianca Facundo (Carter)
Camp 5: Oliver Snoad (Kelly)

50km Relay Prizes

The 50km relay was recently held with great success for Westminster. We managed to win every age group and the overall combined teams results. There were four other strong running schools, presenting a total of 17 teams.

We came first in the Year 8s, Year 9s, Year 10s, and Open categories. Congratulations to all involved.

50km Relay Open Team
1st out of 5 teams
Faith Pearson McKenzie (Year 11 Jeffries): Runner 1, completed 9.09km
Casey Buchanan (Year 12 Kelly): Runner 2, completed 11.63km
James McLachlan (Year 12 Fereday): Runner 3, completed 10.03km
Brodie Eckert (Year 11 Carter): Runner 4, completed 6.04km
Lucy Prior (Year 12 Woollacott): Runner 5, completed 9km
Lochlainn Skinner (Year 11 Clark): Pacer

50km Relay Open B Team
5th out of 5 teams
Isabella England (Year 10 Clark): Runner 1, completed 9.09km
Thomas Taplin (Year 11 Jeffries): Runner 2, completed 11.63km
Kaine Baldwin (Year 10 Forder): Runner 3, completed 10.03km
Jamie Brazier (Year 11 Forder): Runner 4, completed 6.04km
Heidi Collins (Year 12 Forder): Runner 5, completed 9km
Millicent Young (Year 12 Woollacott): Pacer
Jack Forrest (Year 10 Forder): Pacer

50km Relay Year 10 Team
1st out of 5 teams
Ella Simpson (Year 10 Woollacott): Runner 1, completed 9.09km
Nathaniel Drummond (Year 10 Carter): Runner 2, completed 11.63km
Samuel Kennealy (Year 10 Kelly): Runner 3, completed 10.03km
Harvey Bock (Year 10 Clark): Runner 4, completed 6.04km
Ruby Liptak (Year 10 Dunstan): Runner 5, completed 9km
Caitlin Edwards (Year 10 Fereday): Pacer

50km Relay Year 9 Team
1st out of 5 teams
Caitlin Dyer (Year 9 Fricker): Runner 1, completed 9.09km
Aidan Ross (Year 9 Clark): Runner 2, completed 11.63km
Ryan Bell (Year 9 Carter): Runner 3, completed 10.03km
Dylan Abbott (Year 9 Jeffries): Runner 4, completed 10.72km
Kiera Ross (Year 8 Clark): Runner 5, completed 9km
Wilson Bock Year 9 Clark): Pacer

50km Relay Year 8 Team
1st out of 2 teams
Airlie Rouvray (Year 8 Kelly): Runner 1, completed 9.09km
Bradley Shepherd (Year 8 Dunstan): Runner 2, completed 11.63km
Archer Byrne (Year 8 Dunstan): Runner 3, completed 10.03km
Joshua Smith (Year 8 Forder): Runner 4, completed 6.04km
Jessica McManus (Year 8 Jeffries): Runner 5, completed 9km
Ashlee Munt (Year 8 Kelly): Pacer

Simpson Prize

We have two students that have recently been recognised for their participation in the Simpson Prize in 2017.

The Simpson Prize is a national History competition for Year 9 and 10 students. The competition encourages participants to focus on the significance of Anzac Day and to consider what Anzac Day means to them and to Australia. The student winners, runners-up and teacher chaperones enjoy a two-day trip to Canberra where they visit several of the capital’s museums and institutions, attend the presentation ceremony at Parliament House, and enjoy a formal dinner at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Eight prize-winners will then travel to overseas battlefields for the opportunity of a lifetime!

Last year two students were selected from the Year 9 cohort to have their essays submitted for this competition. Their question was: Some historians have described 1917 as the “worst year of the Great War” for Australia and Australians. To what extent is this an accurate statement?

Despite these students not winning the amazing prizes mentioned, their submissions were of an extremely high standard. Congratulations to Joshua Ponniah (Year 10 Kelly) and Freya Young (Year 10 Forder) for their participation in the Simpson Prize competition.