Curriculum Information Events

At Westminster, one of our primary goals is that all students undertake study which they find suitably challenging, and in which they are able to be successful and find personal satisfaction. I am pleased to confirm the following Term 3 dates and look forward to seeing as many families as possible before the 2019 curriculum planning begins. 

The 2019 Year 11 (7.15 pm) and Year 12 (6.00 pm) Curriculum Information evening takes place on Monday 23 July 2018, which will outline the curriculum opportunities for next year as the students move through the school. The requirements of the Year 10 curriculum and the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) will be covered at an Information Evening on Thursday 2 August 2018. For those unable to attend, both presentations will be available on the Westminster Community website under the Family Connection tab, alongside the Curriculum Booklets and the helpful planning sheets. 

In Term 3 Subject Selections will once again be completed through the portal found at Personalised Web Preference Access Guides and Codes will be issued to families during the coming weeks.

The online Subject Selection window is as follows below:

​Weeks 3 to 4 Monday 6 to Friday 17 August Years 9 to 12 Subject Selections to be completed online using Web Preferences​
​Week 5 ​Monday 20 to Friday 24 August ​Interviews for Year 12 Students in 2019
​Weeks 5 to 6 ​Monday 20 to Friday 31 August Year 8 Subject Selections to be completed online using Web Preferences​
​Week 6 ​Monday 27 to Friday 31 August ​Interviews for Year 11 Students in 2019


Once completed, families will be prompted to print, sign and return the receipt form. Current Years 7 to 9 students can return these to the Senior School Office. Current Year 11 students must return their signed receipts to their Head of House by Friday 17 August, and current Year 10 students by Monday 20 August. Following this, current Year 10 and 11 students attend interviews with Careers Counsellor Jenny Howland, their Head of House, and the Director of Learning to discuss the appropriateness of their selections.

In the meantime, students in Years 9 to 11 and their families are encouraged to review the SATAC website for the most up to date information on South Australian University and TAFE courses. The equivalent website for other states and territories are easily located via your preferred search engine. Particularly useful on the SATAC home page located at is the link to School Resources, which offers information on ATAR calculations, the scaling process, and key dates such as University Open Days. 

Subject Changes for Semester 2 onwards

At Westminster we pride ourselves on allowing students to reflect upon their initial choices in the light of their experiences, and for being flexible enough to make changes where possible and advisable. Consequently, at the start of every semester we receive many subject change request forms. Until now this has been a paper-based process.

Our amazing IT Services team have worked hard to digitize this process and we have now launched an online Subject Change Request process. Students will now be able to fill in an electronic form that will proceed through an approval process prior to any changes being made.

As part of this new workflow, we will be asking parents/caregivers to approve subject changes. When a student completes an online change form, parents/caregivers will receive an email notifying them of the request and providing a link to the online form to approve or reject the request. A reminder email will be sent each day until the form has been reviewed.

Parents/caregivers and the student will all be advised by email as to the status of a request, receiving notifications as the form moves to different stages of the process.

Only one parent/carer needs to review and approve the request. As with the paper form, completion does not guarantee approval as this is based on places being available in the classes requested.

Any feedback on the new system is gratefully appreciated. Students submitting paper forms to the Senior School Office will be supported to complete the online version. Instructions will be available.

Andrea Sherwood
Director of Learning