Life in boarding at Westminster School is never dull. With such a wide range of activities on offer, our boarders are regularly busy! We have nearly 130 students across boys’ and girls’ boarding and this means there is continually someone to talk to and engage with. It also means there is always a study partner or a knowledgeable peer who can give support and guidance when preparing for academic responsibilities and challenges.

With the completion of recent exams and many assessment tasks now falling due, it is important that we provide opportunities for students to relax and unwind, and have a break from their study commitments. Whether this is attending sporting events such as a Thunderbirds netball game, or participating in a new activity such as go-karting, we aim to provide opportunities for students to achieve a sense of balance in their busy lives.

A large part of this balance is time with family, and all of our boarders are very much looking forward to the upcoming three week break they will have with their loved ones. For some this will mean an hour trip in the car, while for others it will mean overseas travel. Whatever the distance travelled, all of the Boarding Staff wish boarders and their families a happy holiday break, and look forward to seeing everyone back in the Boarding House for the start of Term 3.

Zac Savage
Head of Boys' Boarding