Term 3 has started smoothly within the Boarding Precinct at Westminster. We welcome three new Boarders this term and are delighted to have them as part of our community. We have also officially welcomed Nicole Pope as our Acting Head of Girls’ Boarding for the remainder of 2018. Nicole was previously Assistant Head of Girls’ Boarding and we look forward to her providing a high level of support and care in her new role.

This is an exciting time of year in Boarding as it is the final full term for our Year 12 students. This is a time of great anticipation and trepidation as students look to the academic foci ahead, while also knowing it is nearly time to move out of their “second home”. Our Year 12 Boarders set an outstanding example to their younger peers and all of the Boarding staff are looking forward to providing support and encouragement as they approach the end of their time in Boarding.

For all Boarders, it will be another busy term. A range of activities and events will take place which will help foster a sense of community while complementing their busy lives as Westminster students. Should your child mention friends who are Boarders, please feel welcome to invite them to social activities and events your child is involved in. This is an excellent way for students to further develop relationships nurtured through Westminster’s House System as well as daily School life. Please contact me at the School should you want more information in this regard.

Zac Savage
Acting Director of Boarding