In his lovely compilation, “When I Talk to You: A Cartoonist Talks to God” the wonderful Michael Leunig writes prayers for each of summer, autumn, winter, and spring.  Of winter he says, “The sun has turned away … and as darkness gathers, our hands grow cold.  It is time to go inside. It is time for reflection and resonance.  It is time for contemplation”.  

The seasons do have their own associated ‘feelings’, the brightness of summer, the changes of autumn. Each season brings an invitation to live in slightly altered ways; I don’t go for my regular beach swim at this time of year!

As a community here at Westminster we have our own ‘seasons’. They are separate from the weather, and we call them ‘Terms’.  Term 3 is upon us. It suggests that we focus now and settle for the ‘run’ to the end of the year and all it entails.

Faith, too, has its own ‘seasons’. It is not always and ever the same. It changes. In one season, faith soars in confident strength. In another season it might withdraw in doubt. In yet another, faith goes deep and reflective, pondering the mystery.  As we move and experience life and seasons, perhaps our understanding and grasp of who God might be shifts with the changes.   

In whatever ‘season’ of faith you find yourself, be encouraged. Accept its invitation. Embrace its message. Find the God who is there for you. In the changing journey of all the seasons.

Rev Phil Hoffmann