We are certainly living in exciting times at Westminster.  After years of preparation and many hours of consultation and meetings, on Friday last week we were able to present our Campus Masterplan to our School community. The Advertiser reported our story online Friday evening and in print Saturday morning to share it with the State.

As a school, we are on a journey to excellence and this requires us to constantly review our performance. In doing this, we need to ask ourselves three key questions:

1. How are we going?
2. How do we know?
3. What are we going to do about it?

In developing our new Campus Masterplan, we have done exactly this and hope we have come up with a solution that allows us to continue growing and evolving, and consequently providing our students with outstanding educational facilities and opportunities to fulfil their potential.

We also had the opportunity to deliver the public face of our Strategic Plan, which you will receive over the coming weeks.  This plan, like our Masterplan, has come about after many hours of consultation and information gathered from our whole community. Our aspiration is that Westminster is a school where students can achieve more than they thought possible. The plan does this too as it expands to give you much more information than may have been thought possible.

As we move forward together to build and improve Westminster, we have to be consistent in our messages and lift our students so they can see above the heads of, and further than, others.

Our students will need to be innovators, emotionally intelligent, curious, flexible, and resilient, and we will help them develop the skills to do this.  Our children need to meet triumph and despair with a calmness that helps them achieve all they can. When we shared the Strategic Plan and Campus Masterplan with students at the Old Scholars’ Day Assembly last Friday, they were all challenged to do small things in a great way until they have the opportunity to do great things. I hope our community can seize the opportunities ahead of us in a positive and insightful way and have the courage to not be afraid, but to be different, to try, to fail and, of course, to succeed.

For more information on our Campus Masterplan, please visit www.westminster.sa.edu.au/Masterplan 

Simon Shepherd