Congratulations to the following students on their achievements...

Congratulations to Matthew Gatford (Year 10 Fricker), Hriday Patel (Year 9 Carter), Matvei Kostooussov (Year 9 Woollacott) and Elliot Whitford (Year 8 Clark) for achieving a High Distinction in the recent Science competition.

On Saturday 17 March Jake Sawley (Year 11 Heaslip) scored 5 wickets from 27 balls against Sacred Heart. Congratulations Jake.

Charlotte Derbyshire (Year 12 Fereday) has been selected to represent Australia at the Triathlon World Championships in September. This, coupled with selection for the Youth Olympic Games, is a great achievement for Charlotte.

Westminster are the National Schools Team Sailing Champions! After four days of hard sailing in light winds, Westminster turned in a dominant performance at the National Championships in the holidays, through all of their finals to defeat all-comers to be crowned national champions! Western Australia’s Scotch College were defeated in the final series 3-1 after despatching Brighton Grammar in the Semi-Finals. Skippers Alex Higgins (Year 12 Forder), Matt Meaney (Year 12 Forder), and Angus Higgins (Year 11 Forder) did Westminster proud with their conduct both on and off the water. They were ably supported by their crews, Chelsea Higgins (Year 11 Forder), Quinn Auricht (Year 8 Jeffries), Byron Robertson (Year 8 Forder), and Harry Higgins (Year 8 Forder). Congratulations to all the team and their coach Ash Dyer.

Hamish McRae (Year 11 Fereday), Kaine Baldwin (Year 10 Forder) and Harvey Bock (Year 10 Clark) have made the State Under 16 Football Team. Unfortunately Hamish was unable to make it to the final tournament due to a concussion, however all boys did well in representing their state in the overall program.

Jack McKenzie (Year 8 Heaslip) was an Emerald Winner in the Education Perfect Humanities Championships. Jack placed in the top 1% of 20,000 competitors from around the world. Congratulations Jack.

Some of our talented Mathematicians were selected to compete in the prestigious Hamann Mathematics competition.  Matthew Gatford (Year 10 Fricker) was recognised as being an outstanding mathematician, receiving a High Distinction and a financial prize. Well done Matthew.

Taj Ward (Year 11 Jeffries) has been selected to represent South Australia at the Surf Life Saving Australian Pool Competition Championships to be held at SAALC (Marion).

Phoenix Agar (Year 11 Carter) was selected to compete in the REISA auctioneering competition. The competition was held last Thursday and announced at the REISA Gala dinner. Phoenix came third. Well done.

Sasha Coorey (Year 8 Fricker) has been offered a spot in the Secondary School Sport 18 and Under Girl Soccer team heading to Shepparton the last week of August. Well done Sasha.

On the UK Cricket Tour over the holidays, Cooper Horton (Year 9 Carter) scored 101 runs not out in the game versus Felsted. Congratulations Cooper.

Anna Symonds (Year 8 Jeffries) is going to Cairns this weekend with her Handbell Ensemble, who are playing at the International Handbell Symposium Youth Festival (IHSYF) at St Monica's College, Cairns.

Term 2 Awards for Outstanding Attitude to Study

Cameron Chau (Year 8 Fricker)
Hannah Gomez (Year 8 Carter)
Jessica McManus (Year 8 Jeffries)
Kiera Ross (Year 8 Clark)
Airlie Rouvray (Year 8 Kelly)
Olivia Stead (Year 8 Heaslip)
Olivia Buchanan (Year 9 Dunstan)
Charlotte Reed (Year 9 Fereday)
Annie Firth (Year 10 Woollacott)
Voramet Muanmeechok (Year 10 Heaslip)
Emily Nolis (Year 10 Clark)
Prachi Shrestha (Year 10 Carter)
India Smart (Year 10 Fricker)
Freya Young (Year 10 Forder)
Mu Zhang (Year 10 Jeffries)
Chelsea Bartlett (Year 11 Kelly)
Philippa Bergin (Year 11 Clark)
Jamie Brazier (Year 11 Forder)
Elliott Brown (Year 11 Fereday)
India Copland (Year 11 Clark)
Julia Damato (Year 11 Kelly)
Vasilia Devetzidis (Year 11 Jeffries)
Yongjian Gan (Year 11 Jeffries)
Chelsea Hall (Year 11 Carter)
Sophie Hatwell (Year 11 Kelly)
Jessica Hodgins (Year 11 Dunstan)
Olivia Hoffmann (Year 11 Kelly)
Ashlynn Jeffries (Year 11 Dunstan)
Ella Kay (Year 11 Jeffries)
Joshua Langman (Year 11 Dunstan)
Jiahe Liu (Year 11 Kelly)
Gabriella Loy (Year 11 Fereday)
Makenzie Meaney (Year 11 Jeffries)
Faith Pearson-McKenzie (Year 11 Jeffries)
Calvin Perks (Year 11 Carter)
Annabel Porter (Year 11 Clark)
Gracie Rawson (Year 11 Kelly)
Sophie Sibbons (Year 11 Fereday)
Jack Simpson (Year 11 Carter)
Yibing Tao (Year 11 Fricker)
Taj Ward (Year 11 Jeffries)
Alyssa West (Year 11 Woollacott)
Ningxi Zhang (Year 11 Jeffries)
Jessica Bullock (Year 12 Clark)
Sarah Burns (Year 12 Fereday)
Alice Cesana (Year 12 Fricker)
Lucy Cesana (Year 12 Fricker)
Rebekah Forrest (Year 12 Heaslip)
Jessica Johnson (Year 12 Kelly)
Isabella Kelly (Year 12 Woollacott)
Eleanor Lewis (Year 12 Kelly)
Bailey Lindblom (Year 12 Kelly)
William Lowe (Year 12 Heaslip)
Dustin Ngo (Year 12 Jeffries)
Daniel Wakim (Year 12 Clark)
Georgia Weber (Year 12 Dunstan)

Term 2 Academic Awards

Sasha Coorey (Year 8 Fricker)
Jack McKenzie (Year 8 Heaslip)
Joshua Smith (Year 8 Forder)
Lachlan Grigg (Year 9 Forder)
Matvei Kotooussov (Year 9 Woollacott)
Amelie Noble (Year 9 Jeffries)
Aidan Ross (Year 9 Clark)
Zechariah Wicks (Year 9 Clark)
Rhianna Barney (Year 10 Clark)
Timothy Middleton (Year 10 Dunstan)
Jade Pearson-McKenzie (Year 10 Jeffries)
Hannah Venturi (Year 10 Carter)
Belle Hope (Year 11 Forder)
Daniel Brown (Year 12 Woollacott)
Kyle Chenoweth (Year 12 Jeffries)
Charlotte Drew (Year 12 Clark)
Kiran Gerbi (Year 12 Dunstan)
Tu Hoang (Year 12 Fricker)
Daniel McArthur (Year 12 Kelly)
Kia McFarlane (Year 12 Woollacott)
Dylan McGaw (Year 12 Carter)
Carli Morton (Year 12 Fereday)
Dimitrios Nikos (Year 12 Kelly)
Alexander Page (Year 12 Forder)
Ashlin Petty (Year 12 Jeffries)
Grant Robertson (Year 12 Dunstan)
Nicholas Rose (Year 12 Dunstan)
Lucas Secombe (Year 12 Kelly)
Boshi Wang (Year 12 Fricker)
Yuchen Zhou (Year 12 Carter)

Term 2 Awards for Academic Excellence

Imogen Beattie (Year 8 Heaslip)
William Bradley (Year 8 Jeffries)
Charlotte Coombs (Year 8 Kelly)
Jade Cross (Year 8 Clark)
Elliot Whitford (Year 8 Clark)
Lilly Wiese (Year 8 Fricker)
Callum Andrews (Year 10 Carter)
Kaine Baldwin (Year 10 Forder)
Samuel Blyzno (Year 10 Jeffries)
Timothy Blyzno (Year 10 Jeffries)
Max Coorey (Year 10 Fricker)
Caitlin Edwards (Year 10 Fereday)
Bianca Facundo (Year 10 Carter)
Maddison Higgins (Year 10 Forder)
Jack Hutt (Year 10 Kelly)
Mae Johnson (Year 10 Kelly)
Amy Liew (Year 10 Fereday)
Ruby Liptak (Year 10 Dunstan)
Amy Mohapatra (Year 10 Clark)
Amelia Munt (Year 10 Kelly)
Joshua Ponniah (Year 10 Kelly)
Sienna Rouvray (Year 10 Kelly)
Zoe Smith (Year 10 Kelly)
Campbell Watson (Year 10 Dunstan)
Zoe Buttery (Year 11 Fereday)
Julia Damato (Year 11 Kelly)
Brodie Eckert (Year 11 Carter)
Nikki Gluyas (Year 11 Jeffries)
Mia Helyar (Year 11 Forder)
Dayna Holroyd (Year 11 Jeffries)
Fereshteh Jafari (Year 11 Jeffries)
Chloe Karnon (Year 11 Clark)
Anh Nguyen (Year 11 Clark)
Caitlin Stallan (Year 11 Carter)
Taylah Stallan (Year 11 Carter)
Yoshi Tan (Year 11 Carter)
Madisson Tape (Year 11 Fricker)
Thomas Taplin (Year 11 Jeffries)
Shijie Wang (Year 11 Fereday)
Abigail Wicks (Year 11 Clark)
Fraser Bock (Year 12 Clark)
Lily Brice-Marwood (Year 12 Heaslip)
Heidi Collins (Year 12 Forder)
Daniel Cropley (Year 12 Clark)
Isabel Glynn (Year 12 Kelly)
Jenaiha Graham (Year 12 Kelly)
Rhys Griffin (Year 12 Carter)
Bonita Hammond-Brown (Year 12 Jeffries)
Katerina Hand (Year 12 Kelly)
Alyse Hean (Year 12 Woollacott)
Wing Ho (Year 12 Woollacott)
Emily Jaarsma (Year 12 Dunstan)
Jaidyn Jones (Year 12 Clark)
Isabella Jose (Year 12 Kelly)
Georgia Kraft (Year 12 Kelly)
Yifan Lai (Year 12 Woollacott)
Alexander Lam (Year 12 Fereday)
Bolong Lin (Year 12 Heaslip)
Arulan Mahadeva (Year 12 Jeffries)
Kate Morgan (Year 12 Woollacott)
Louie Naito (Year 12 Fereday)
Olivia Pieck (Year 12 Fereday)
Lucy Prior (Year 12 Woollacott)
Sophie Rogers (Year 12 Dunstan)
Luca Sardelis (Year 12 Fricker)
Sophie Simpson (Year 12 Woollacott)
Matthew Thomas (Year 12 Fereday)
Isabella Triglau-Phillips (Year 12 Clark)
Xiaomi Xu (Year 12 Heaslip)